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Association of Real Estate Companies in The Gambia

The Association of real estate companies of The Gambia (ARECG) was established on 21 December 2013 as a result of the need to bring players in real estate together to uphold high ethics and best practice standards and determined to guide the actions of members within the framework of the association.

We pledge ourselves to use the resources, capacity, and competence of the association to

  •  Set high standards of professionalism in the performance and discharge of our duties, responsibilities, and obligations to the general public 
  • Consult, negotiate, and promote legislation on land and Real Estate issues to safeguard the interest of members and the industry.
  • Create good relationships, mutual trust, confidence, and mutual understanding with the government and its relevant departments.
  • Develop and improve the educational standards of our members.


  • To avail the general public of easy access to the work of the Association and its members.
  • To promote and provide information to all stakeholders dealing in land matters to understand the implication of these transactions, be they financial, statutory, or traditional.
  • To ensure our members handling land transactions are guided by integrity, honesty, business ethics and professionalism.
  • To work with the government hand in hand to set standards in the real estate industry.
  •  Provide alternative dispute resolution mechanisms between our members and their clients, and between and amongst our members.


  • GENERAL MEMBERSHIP: The general membership is the highest organ of the association and meets once or twice annually to receive the annual report of the board of directors including the audited financial statements and to consider the annual budget, plans and proposals for the ensuing year.
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The board of directors are responsible for governing the affairs of the association and control of the association is vested in their hands.
  • The board consists of the following 
    • The President 
    • The Vice President 
    • The Secretary-General 
    • The Treasurer 
    • Five Executive Members

ARECG Professional Ethics

Managing and building real estate anywhere is complex and changing, and the need for best practices and an ethical code of conduct among our members is long overdue. Cooperating with each other will give our members one voice to advocate good practices and fight for the rights of our members and our clients. The association provides a platform for compliance and dispute resolution.

Dispute Resolutions

The executive members provide a platform for disputes between our members and the general public to be resolved in an amicable manner. It also provides a formal arbitration service on contractual disputes within our membership and with our customers. 

Compliance Services and a Code of Ethics

Membership includes codes of conduct incorporating best practices in the real estate industry, to ensure fair and equitable treatment of our customers with a Committee of Ethics and Professionalism. Members not compliant with those standards are subjected to disciplinary action which includes fines, suspension and expulsion of members from the association, and continuous education.