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To find an Association of Real Estate Agents Gambia (ARECG) member, you can:

  1. Check the ARECG membership directory: The ARECG website may have a membership directory that lists all active members. You can search for members by name, company, or location.

  2. Contact ARECG directly: You can reach out to ARECG directly and ask for a list of members in your area. They may be able to provide you with contact information for members who specialize in the type of property or service you need.

  3. Attend ARECG events: Attending ARECG events is a great way to meet other industry professionals and connect with potential members. You can ask for recommendations or referrals from other attendees, or simply introduce yourself and ask if they are an ARECG member.

  4. Search online directories: There are many online directories that list real estate agents, including some that specifically focus on Gambia. You can search these directories and look for agents who are members of ARECG.

Keep in mind that membership in ARECG is voluntary, so not all real estate agents in The Gambia will be members. However, working with an ARECG member can provide you with the assurance that they adhere to the organization's code of ethics and professional standards.