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ARECG Industry Networking Events: Building Connections for Real Estate Success

At the Association of Real Estate Companies Gambia (ARECG), we recognize the paramount importance of networking in the real estate industry. As a dynamic and forward-thinking organization, we take pride in organizing regular industry networking events that serve as catalysts for meaningful connections and collaboration. These events bring together real estate professionals, government officials, investors, and other stakeholders, creating a platform where ideas are exchanged, knowledge is shared, and partnerships are forged.

Fostering a Cohesive Real Estate Community:

Our industry networking events are designed to foster a cohesive and supportive real estate community in The Gambia. We understand that collaboration among industry players is key to driving positive change and achieving collective success. By facilitating interactions and dialogue, ARECG aims to break down barriers and promote a spirit of cooperation within the real estate sector.

Key Objectives of ARECG Networking Events:

  1. Creating Valuable Connections: Our networking events provide an ideal setting for real estate professionals to connect with like-minded individuals, potential clients, and partners. From seasoned industry veterans to emerging talents, ARECG events offer a diverse and vibrant gathering of professionals.

  2. Knowledge Sharing and Learning: We believe in the power of knowledge-sharing as a means to elevate the industry's overall expertise. Our events often feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops on relevant topics, covering market trends, regulatory updates, best practices, and innovative technologies.

  3. Promoting Business Opportunities: Whether it's a real estate project seeking investors or a developer looking for strategic partnerships, our networking events offer a platform for individuals and companies to explore potential business opportunities.

  4. Government and Stakeholder Engagement: ARECG actively involves government officials, policymakers, and other stakeholders in our networking events. This engagement allows for constructive dialogues on policy matters and ensures that the real estate industry's voice is heard at the decision-making level.

Diverse Range of Networking Events:

ARECG hosts a diverse range of networking events throughout the year, each catering to specific interests and objectives within the real estate sector. These events may include:

  • Real Estate Conferences: Large-scale conferences bringing together industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities in the real estate market.

  • Meet-and-Greet Mixers: Casual networking gatherings where professionals can interact in a relaxed atmosphere, fostering new connections and nurturing existing relationships.

  • Industry Awards and Galas: Celebratory events recognizing excellence and achievements within the real estate community, while providing a platform for networking and celebration.

  • Real Estate Expo and Trade Shows: Showcasing the latest projects, products, and services in the real estate industry, facilitating interactions between developers, suppliers, and potential buyers.


ARECG's industry networking events are at the heart of our commitment to promoting a thriving, collaborative, and supportive real estate community in The Gambia. Through these gatherings, we strengthen the bonds among professionals, empower knowledge-sharing, and facilitate opportunities for growth and success. Together, we forge a unified path towards a vibrant and prosperous real estate landscape in our beloved country.